Network Video Recorders & Desktop Terminals

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AXIS 8 Channel Compact Desktop Server

Windows 10 IoT, 4 TB storage, 8 Device Licenses
S3008 2TB

Axis 8 Channel Compact Recorder with 2TB HDD,

Integrated PoE switch and 5 Year Warranty
S9101 MK II

Axis Desktop Terminal Workstation

Camera Station software included, 5 Year Warranty
S1116 MT

Axis Server, Includes AXIS Camera Station VMS

and 16 channel Licences.Supports 32 Video Channels

Axis 12 Channel Compact Desktop Server with 6TB.

Includes 12 licenses and Integrated POE Switch
S3008 4TB

Axis 8 Channel Compact Recorder with 4TB HDD

Integrated PoE Switch and 5 Year Warranty

Axis Camera Station Racked Recorder

Includes 16 channel Licences, Up to 32 Channels

Axis 16 Channel Recorder, Integrated PoE switch

Includes 16 Channel Licences, Includes 8 TB

Axis Camera Station Rack Recorder, 16 TB included

Includes 32 channel Licences, Up to 48 Channels

Axis 24 Channel Recorder, Integrated PoE Switch

Includes 24 Channel Licences and 12TB
S1132 64TB

Axis 64TB Tower Recorder, With 32 channel Licences

RAID Levels (0/1/5/6/10)
S1132 32TB

Axis 32TB Tower Recorder,With 32 Channel Licences

RAID levels (0/1/5/6/10)
S1148 24TB

Axis 24TB Rack Server, Includes 48 Channel Licence

Up to 64 video channels, Includes RAID
S1148 64TB

Axis 64TB Rack Server,Includes 48 Channel Licence

Up to 64 Video Channels, Includes RAID